Wed. Nov 25th, 2020

Men in their early to mid-20’s have come up with an extreme if not ingenious way to get past the Cobble’s Bouncers it is believed.

It has been revealed that a large percentage of young men have been dying their hair grey in order to gain access to the local establishment such is the difficulty to gain access if you’re not in collecting the pension.

One young man who was too terrified to give his name told us:

“I’m just an ordinary young hard working man who wants to go out for the night. But these Bouncers are wild boy. We now have to get grey hair dye to get into the fucking place. My mate who’s as fit as a fiddle even gets his Granda’s Zimmer-Frame to make it look like he would ‘fit in’ and like he wouldn’t stick out from the crowd.”

Newry Spud understands that those practicing this insane measure to gain access to Cobble’s call it ‘doing a Gino’ after the well-known creator of the Taxi-Jo Show Gino Lynch.

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