Wed. Dec 2nd, 2020

A young Camlough boy living in Australia has been offered a professional football contract according to reports from Portugal we can reveal.

The talented Jack Lennon who is said to have taken up his football talent from his Bessbrook mother Lesa’s side of the family is sure to be on his way to stardom.

We caught up with Jack’s proud uncle Damian Lennon who we saw riding Sergeant Byrne’s motorbike around St Malachy’s Park and he told us:

“It’s a great boost for the family obviously. Jack has two great feet and is a natural footballer unlike his Dad and myself, two left feet we had, Christy Brown was better than us two lol. Anyway, did I ever tell you the story about me crashing this oul bike into Terry O’Hare’s yoke back in 1980?”

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