Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021

The small tightknit and possibly incest riddled village of Camlough is in turmoil today with news that yet another Carrickcruppen member has deflected to the increasingly popular powerhouses of Intermediate B league football Shane O’Neill’s.

Paul ‘Tri-Athlete’ Watters previously known as a Carrickcruppen stalwart has been ‘poached’ by the new recruiting machine in Shane O’Neills set up by former Cruppen man Damien Beattie.

We spoke with Paul from Camlough Lake where he is in preparation for some swim or something and he told us:

“Dee Beattie told me I was ‘head hunted’ to be a member of the Shane’s fitness team. I wasn’t sold on the idea until he told me about the monthly payment and the benefits of working with a premier intermediate team. I was sold on the idea really.”

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