Thu. Dec 3rd, 2020


Kensington Palace have released a statement today to deny recent allegations that Prince Harry is in a relationship with the American actress Meghan Markle instead linking the fifth in line to the British throne with Newry Sinn Féin woman Liz Kimmins.

In a lengthy statement released to the BBC it said Kimmins and Prince Harry were in a ‘committed’ and ‘loving’ relationship.

It went on to state that Prince Henry of Wales will be spending a ‘considerable’ time with the Sinn Féin beauty in her modest dwelling in the ghetto of Barcroft saying he will carry out ‘humanitarian’ work while meeting with Stephen Murney of éirígí to talk about ‘historical’ differences.

An obviously in love Ms Kimmins spoke to Newry Spud today and told us:

“Obviously we are delighted to be together. He fell in love with me after seeing me on the Sinn Féin website and with my name being the same as his Granny it sealed the deal really.

I have been over to the Palace where I and William’s wife Catherine (I call her Katie) went to a few locals in London and she took me to the local Primark shopping. I hope people will give Harry and me the space we now need to continue our lives together in Newry.”

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