Sun. Jan 17th, 2021

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A new survey has revealed that just 10 minutes of working in Newry call centre Teleperformance can make people use the word ‘fuck’ as if they were commas.

The research was completed by a team at the Newry Southern Regional College. They wanted to know why people were using the word so frequently.

Professor Quinn who led the research, told Newry Spud:

“We found that the workplace is a hotbed for profanity. People can arrive like Mother Theresa and within ten minutes, be at the point of ripping someone’s head off. A lot of it is to do with self-serving managers, who were often referred to as ‘cock-heads’ or ‘wankers’.

Other sources of frustration included shit coffee from the vending machine as well as conversations with customers. On one average day in an average workplace, you could expect to hear the word ‘fuck’ more than 40 times a minute. 98% of these expletives are mumbled under people’s breath or behind people’s back and our work was crucial in discovering that.”

Teleperformance worker Lisa Fatspatrick, who took part in the survey, said:

“Yeah whatever. Fucking fuck fuck.”

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