Fri. Nov 27th, 2020

A Bessbrook mother who took E tablets for 7 years at the Armagh Arena won’t vaccinate her son because she doesn’t want to put bad stuff in him’ we can reveal.

The 29 year old mother who is so concerned about her son’s health that she is willing to play Russian Roulette with his health by not getting him immunized.

Grainne Disco Biscuits told us:

“I take an active role in my son’s upbringing and, as a result, have developed a truly unique parenting philosophy. He eats only organic vegan meals and that will be enough to save him from deadly childhood diseases.

I know that I took E’s for years and stuff but because of my new holistic approach to life I’m totally pure now. Well, I obviously smoke weed because it’s like God’s grass LOL.”

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