Woman Hits Life Low Point When Asked ‘Usual Order?’ In Happy Villa

A Camlough woman has spoken about her ‘lowest day’ after she was asked by the counter staff in Happy Villa Chinese if she was having ‘her usual’ we can reveal.

The 27 year-old mother of 7 who ‘likes a wee chinks’ now and again has said she has had to look at herself in the mirror after last night’s visit to the take-away.

Claire Fatspatrick told us:

“I only go in about 3 times a week….sometimes 4 times a week if it’s my PIP week. You know sometimes when you couldn’t be arsed putting the oven on?

Anyway, I went in last night and the woman behind the counter asked ‘same as usual?’ I nearly fucking had a stroke. Not because of my clogged arteries of Chinese food but of embarrassment. I swear, new year, new me.”