Sun. Jan 24th, 2021

A local business owner of ‘one of them raffle yokes’ has shocked his followers on ‘Win Win Competitions’ by putting up a Boeing 747 for raffle.

Confounding all economic experts the local man Paddy McAteer has secured a second hand Boeing 747 for an estimated £103.5 million and all you have to do is buy a number for £20 to be in with a chance to win it.

Paddy told Newry Spud:

“Usually I flog old cars I buy and doll up a bit and I make a decent living out of losers in Newry. This acquisition of the aircraft has taken me to new heights if you’ll excuse the pun. Just send me £20 on PayPal and BANG, you could be the proud owner of an actual fucking Jumbo Jet.”

However a close a friend of McAteer’s who asked not to be named Jordan Poucher told us:

“He’s a fucking crook baah. I don’t know how to hell he’s got his hands on a jet but only last week he asked could he put one of my hearses up for raffle the bollox.”

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