Wed. Jan 27th, 2021

One of the most heart warming and unexpected love stories to emerge this Valentine’s Day was that of Willie Frazer getting a tattoo on his forearm of veteran south Armagh Republican Slab Murphy we can reveal.

Frazer known for his contempt of Murphy and south Armagh Republicans had a complete change of heart and had the beautiful tribute to Slab inked at Tattoos By Keato on Lower Catherine Street.

Mr Frazer told Newry Spud:

“I realise that life is short and that Jesus was right when he said ‘Love thy neighbour’ and to ‘Turn the other cheek’ so to that end I got the image of Slab on my forearm just below my UDR tattoo.

I think it is showing a great level of leadership and maturity on my behalf and hopefully it can be reciprocated by the fenian thhrraammppsss of south Armagh.”

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