Thu. Dec 3rd, 2020

A south Armagh man has had to return from his holiday in Ibiza early after his girlfriend kept on ‘yapping’ at him we can reveal.

Dean McClorey from Whitecross has spoken out about his heartache after having to the leave the boys behind in the sun soaked holiday resort after a video of him sleeping and drinking at the same time on a balcony was posted on Facebook.

We spoke to a devastated Dean today and he told us:

“I was looking forward to this lad’s week away to Ibiza then one of the smart cunts put a video of me full as a fat girl’s tit sleeping and drinking during the day, my woman got on the phone and ordered me home. Fucking devastated baah.”

Meanwhile the lads who are still in Ibiza have confirmed that Dean is certified under the thumb and needs to grow a set of balls.

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