Sat. Feb 27th, 2021
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When he woke up this morning, Cathal O’Fertilizer was just a normal farmer from Cullyhanna. But since news of his affair with Grammy Award-winning pop artist Lady Gaga broke hours ago, he is now trending on Facebook, Twitter, and the top of every pop culture blog across the world.

We spoke with Cathal a 52-year-old divorced father of six from his cowshed and he told us:

“I have a few acres of land here in Cullyhanna that I tend to, so when I went into Newry a couple weeks ago for cow feed, the last thing I expected was to meet and fall in love with Lady Gaga.”

The multi-platinum singer happened to be in Newry’s Canal Court Hotel having a break from the show business world of Hollywood when she bumped in to O’Fertilizer in Grounded. From there, the sparks flew.

Asked if he spoke to her fiancé Christian Carino, Cathal said:

“I have nothing against him. He seems like a nice guy. By the time I knew she was engaged to be married, my heart was already hers, and there was no going back. This is true love.”

Farmhand Ciaran McNamee told us:

“I’ve never seen Cathal this happy. After Sheila left him and he slipped that disc in his back, I thought he’d given up. But ever since he met Lady Gaga, there’s been a spring in his step. She’s already flown back to Cullyhanna to see him few times. Sometimes she even helps out a bit taking the cattle in.”

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