Sat. Jan 16th, 2021

The British electro-trance band Utrabeat have said they are now being forced to sign on the dole after their song ‘Pretty Green Eyes’ is not getting played 290 times a weekend in Newry’s night life spots.

The group who rely on royalties have been living off their 2003 hit with Newry and Warrenpoint being the main reason that they are living so well.

Ultrabeat told us:

“Since The Marine and Bellini’s have now stopped because of the coronavirus we have literally become broke in the space of a month.

I know one of the lads has already signed ion for universal Credit as the royalties have ceased from the culchie weirdos of Newry playing our song so much like idiots. I can’t wait till the start playing Pretty Green eyes again so I can start living it up in Spain again.”

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