Treasure Hunters Find Fabled ‘Gravy Train’ Under Newry Council Office

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Treasure hunters claim to have found the fabled ‘Gravy Train’ beneath Newry Council Offices at Monaghan Row.

The treasure hunters who are visiting Newry from Brazil were acting on a tip they received that there is a group of over-rated and somewhat out of touch men and women who go to a few meetings and talk absolute nonsense all for a tidy and favourable remuneration package as well as expenses.

One treasure hunter told Newry Spud:

“We heard from other treasure hunter enthusiasts about this ‘Gravy Train’ in the mystical city of Newry. It seems that they have an unending pot of money to waste on scurrilous items; we heard one rumour about a massive TV that nobody either wanted or asked for. But we didn’t believe it until we went to see the beautiful Cathedral when our view was somewhat skewed by the massive ugly big screen.”


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