Tue. Jan 19th, 2021

A south Armagh man in his 30’s is still holding onto the last resemblance of his youth by wearing his ‘white collar and cuffs’ shirt every weekend we can reveal.

The shirt made famous by Michael Douglas in the film ‘Wall Street’ became somewhat of a fashion status for south Armagh and Down Culchies during the late 2000’s before people realised they weren’t actually working in the stock exchange or anything.

But one man Ciarán Connolly from Dromintee who has a wardrobe full of the ‘white collar-cuffs’ shirts told us:

“Every Newry or south Armagh man should have at least 28 of these shirts in their wardrobe. What I value the most in a classic ‘white collar-cuffs’ shirt is the fit and quality of fabric.

The cut of the shirt is also really great. If you’re not into them then at least get a lock of check shirts, never go wrong there.”

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