Fri. Nov 27th, 2020

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Legendary Newry actor and interview maestro Tony ‘Riser’ Smith has revealed to Newry Spud he is giving up his work with ‘The Banter Show’ and his acting career to pursue his passion as a Drum and Bass DJ.

Tony told Newry Spud:

“Doing acting jobs around Ireland and the UK was alright for a while, but over time I just got bored. I was over doing work in London last week and saw a Drum & Bass DJ play at a gig and I wanted to have a go myself. I turns out I’m not too bad at it and I’ve been asked to play in a few different places across London this October and December.”

We asked Tony if he was keeping his role as creator of Newry’s Banter Show and he said:

“I’m not too sure right now; I might just try and rope in Gino Lynch into doing it for a bit, he’s already on YouTube with the ‘Taxi Jo Show’ so it shouldn’t be too much extra work for him.”

If you want to see Tony ‘Riser’ Smith in his Drum and Bass capacity, look out for ‘DJ RISER’ who will be playing a warm up gig in Bellini’s next weekend.

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