Sat. Jan 16th, 2021

One of Newry’s most well-known faces Tony ‘RISER’ Smith the star of ‘The Banter Show’ has pulled off possibly the biggest challenge of his life we can reveal.

Tony who is a lover of the art of boxing and is known to have friends within the business including Steve Collins is in talks with ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson to have a 6 round charity bout in Bellinis.

Tony took time out of his busy schedule helping with the PPE shortage in Newry to tell us:

“People will say I’m crazy getting into a ring with Mike Tyson for 6 rounds but I think I have a fair chance of putting the man to sleep.

The people of Newry will know I am very handy with my fists and I was the best scrapper in the town for many years. When I say it is a charity fundraiser it is in a sense. The money will go towards my hospital bill after Mike is finished with me. RISER Friends.”

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