Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021

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The world famous wall mural artist ‘Banksy’ has been revealed as makeup artist Tara Doran from Camlough.

The artist was revealed after a 2 year undercover investigation by the Sun Newspaper.

They have followed Ms Doran’s work closely. She is widely believed to be the best makeup artist in the south Armagh and Newry area but that is all a front and a decoy to her real work as the multi-million pound street artist ‘Banksy’.

We called to Ms Doran’s makeup shop in Camlough but were ushered out by her private team of security who follow the artist everywhere she goes in a bid to protect her ‘Banksy’ alter ego.

Worries now are turning to her recent customers who may refuse to wash their faces after receiving makeup works by the famous artist whose works sell for millions of pounds.

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