Thu. Nov 26th, 2020

ITV has announced plans to launch a spin off from ‘The Only Eay Is Essex’ only changing the location to the backward village of Crossmaglen.

The show ‘The Only Eay Is Cross’ or ‘TOWIC’ will chronicle the lives of a group of friends growing up in the south Armagh village.

Filmed on location, the early episodes will focus on the comings and goings of McNamee’s Butchers, Ma Kearney’s Pub and hay barn.

Describing the exciting new show, producer Jessica Smyth said:

“Initially we’d hoped to film the lives of a group of affluent twenty-somethings, flashing cash and fancy phones, but we quickly learned that was never going to happen, not in Crossmaglen. They don’t have any phone signal for a start.

But once the disappointment of not having cast members that fit this criteria passed, we realised that a TV show about some simple country folk stabbing each other with pitchforks and resolving their minor disputes AK-47’s would be fucking brilliant anyway”.

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