Sun. Nov 29th, 2020

A war of words and threats has erupted in the usually quiet and picturesque surroundings of Art McCooey Park in Glasdrumman we can reveal.

The trouble is following on from the same trend in Newtownhamilton and is over Wheelie Bin collections with some residents ‘threatening to take matters into their own hands’ according to locals.

We spoke with one of the ringleaders ‘Sniffer’ who asked not to be identified and he told us:

“The fucking bin men are paid good money to do two things. Empty your fucking bin and leave it back where they found the fucking yoke. But no, not these cunts from our council.

They leave the bin at the top of the hill and expect us to walk a few yards to wheel it back to our house. Who do they think they are? Newtownhamilton will look like a fucking picnic when I’m finished with the bin men around here.”

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