“Let Us Back To Syria” – Beg Refugee Family After Unbearable Weeks In Camlough

A Syrian family living in Camlough have applied for immediate deportation back to their home city of Aleppo in Syria, it’s been revealed.

Despite being occupied in pockets by brutal Islamic State militants, the family have deemed Aleppo a “more suitable environment to raise children”, according to the father of the family.

Newry Spud spoke to the father of the young family Mohammad and he said:

“We were granted asylum in the UK following the atrocities in Syria. After ISIS took control of our region, we were faced with an oppressive and brutal regime that we simply couldn’t survive in. The UK granted us access and we were quickly homed in Camlough.”

After several weeks in the shambolic district of Newry, the family of seven submitted an application for the asylum to be reversed.

Mohammad continued:

“We found ourselves in the midst of even more aggression and wanton violence. Even Gavin Malone’s holy candles couldn’t keep us here”

The family were later refused re-entry to their homeland, after the Syrian government decided it would be “too risky” to accept a family who had lived in Camlough for a few weeks.