Sat. Jan 16th, 2021

The Shelbourne Bakery in Newry have been fined by a local gay couple after the wedding cake they made was deemed ‘not fabulous enough’ we can reveal.

John and Peadar DeepHole made the complaint after the cake was delivered 2 days before their wedding last Thursday. The couple spoke to Newry Spud and said:

“We were shocked and outraged when we saw the cake. It was the desired colour, white of course and had rainbows coming out of the top on both sides with unicorns flying over the rainbows while fairies floated down the cake in a pink array of sprinkles.

Obviously this was not as ‘fabulous’ as we thought it would be. We had no choice but to take The Shelbourne to court over their poor interpretation of ‘fabulous’. On the bright side, it weighed the correct weight which is a plus for Newry bakeries.”

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