Tue. Jan 19th, 2021

A bell-ringer from Newry was sensationally sacked this morning after ringing out ‘Sean South from Garryowen’ from St Mary’s Chapel just before 9 am mass.

Micky ‘UppaRa’ O’Hallion a 72 year old man from nearby Priory Crescent said it was only a joke that got a bit out of hand and that he is sorry for any hurt caused.

Micky told Newry Spud this morning:

“Look, I’ve been a bell ringer in St Mary’s now going on 23 years, I just thought I’d mix it up a bit this morning. Before I went to mass I was listening to a Wolfe Tone’s CD, it just seemed like a good idea at the time.”

But local Priest Fr Peader O’File didn’t see the funny side. He told Newry Spud:

“We know Micky is a bit of a joker but there comes a time we have to say enough is enough. It sounded like a few months ago when them clowns were down in the graveyard dressed up in 1916 uniforms for Easter Sunday. I’ve had enough of it.”

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