Thu. Dec 3rd, 2020

A collective of south Armagh fuel and cigarette smugglers have applied to the British government to help them as the uncertainty around Covid-19 as they claim the border issue is causing them to lose ‘considerable business’ we can reveal.

After decades of free movement from the Republic of Ireland into the greater Newry area the smuggling collective are facing a real crisis and have asked the British treasury to help them with a bespoke furlough scheme.

We spoke with an emotional SASC (South Armagh Smuggling Collective) spokesman Peadar O’Diesel from his mansion in Cullyhanna and he told us:

“This is the most uncertain time that we have had to face in recent memory. We heard about this Furlough scheme on the internet yoke and thought we’d give it a go. I would appeal to the British government’s sense of decency and ask them to dig deep and help us out as we are suffering too. I still have the remaining extension and swimming pool to do in this house and the way things are going I don’t see it being done this side of Christmas.”

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