Sun. Feb 28th, 2021
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A young south Armagh man has broken with tradition and has been selected to stand for the DUP in the next Assembly elections we can reveal.

Aidan Nutley who tries to play hurling (unsuccessfully) and is an Irish language enthusiast has been a member of the far right Unionist party for 2 years he told Newry Spud.

In an emotional interview he told us:

“It’s time someone broke the status quo and went across party lines. I agree with the British connection in Ireland and I will fight to keep it in place. I also love the Irish language and Gaelic games but my province of loyal Ulster comes first. I’d like to thank my mentor and friend Pat McGinn for all his help in getting me where I am today.”

The DUP press office has confirmed Mr Nutley will stand for them when ‘the time is right’ saying:

“Aidan is one of our brightest candidates. He knows how to connect with the Catholic working classes and he also loves the Union. We are so glad to have him on board.”

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