A South Armagh man has risked public alienation and ridicule from his community after he took the brave step to not wear the usual uniform of blue jeans, brown dress shoes (preferably Dealer Boots) a check shirt tucked into said jeans and a belt with some western inspired buckle on show on a recent night out with the ‘Gassons’.

Feardia Farrell of Cullovile took the unbelievably brave step when he wanted to try something different. Feardia told Newry Spud:

“I was sick of looking like the rest of the feins to be honest. I just wanted to try a nice T-Shirt, Tweed Jacket with a navy pair of chinos, you know, something more out of the ordinary. I sorta wish I didn’t do it now, half of my family have disowned me and the lads treat me like I am some kind of monster. I won’t make the mistake again of trying to be edgy and different, that’s for fucking sure.”

One of Feardia’s former friends told Newry Spud:

“Who does he think he is like? You just don’t go off script and wear queer clothes like them exotic fuckers in Newry. There’s a set protocol of how we dress and that’s it. The cheeky bollix even tried a new aftershave that wasn’t ‘Joop’ or ‘Cool Water’. Taking an absolute fucking liberty he is.”