Sun. Jan 17th, 2021

Cullyhanna farmer Peader O’Fertilizer has giving a frank and open assessment on music it has emerged.

The 64 year old man from Cullyhanna has put a ban on all music that is not by Big Tom, Garth Brooks, Nathan Carter and ‘any country stuff’.

Speaking from his farm shed Peader said:

“If it’s not country and western then it’s ‘buck me up the hole’ music. Simple as that now fein.”

One of Peader’s farm workers 26 year old Fearghal DealerBoots was caught listening to BBC Radio 1 while in the tractor, it didn’t go well for Fearghal.

According to reports Peader tied him to a tree and ‘bate three colours of living shite outta him’.

Peader said the beating he gave out to his farm staff member was to stop him becoming ‘a soft bum-banger’ like the people from Newry.

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