Wed. Jan 20th, 2021

Veteran wildlife presenter Sir David Attenborough has travelled to Burren for the filming of a documentary on the locals, the BBC has said.

Attenborough who has won worldwide acclaim for documentaries that have studied the great apes, has said the Burren natives are possibly the greatest apes he has ever seen.

We spoke with Mr Attenborough from The Canal Court Hotel this morning and he told us:

“I have been watching with great interest the natives of this small and backward community. I have been in African tribal communities and parts of the rain forest where humans are untouched by the outside world but never have I seen such desolation and despair as in this place they call Burren.

My team put secret cameras in Bumpers Vivo and what we witnessed over the last few weeks watching the natives indulge in vulgarity and violence we were both amazed and disgusted in equal measure.”

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