Sinn Fein’s Liz Kimmins On New Bank Of England £20 Note


A new Bank of England £20 has been released to the public today and they have gone with a spectacular choice for who should adorn the front of the famous bank note.

Usually the Queen would take pride of place of the Bank of England £20 note but on this occasion they have gone with Sinn Fein Councillor Elizabeth (Liz) Kimmins.

Originally from the mean ghetto district of Barcroft the young Kimmins now resides in Cloughoge.

Newry Spud contacted the Bank of England to ascertain why Kimmins would take such a prominent place on a bank note while she is virtually unrecognisable in Newry never mind Britain.

A spokesman told Newry Spud:

“We thought we’d take the lead like the American’s are doing by putting Harriet Tubman the American abolitionist on their $20 bill.

We looked at the more photogenic Newry Shinners and we settled for Elizabeth. She also shares the same name as her Majesty so it seemed to make sense.”

Ms Kimmins was unavailable for comment last night; it is thought however she may ask Brussels to put her image on a €20 note instead.