Sinn Fein Election Posters Tampered With – SDLP Main Suspects


As promised, the SDLP have hit back at Sinn Fein and have done some elaborate tampering with Conor Murphy’s election posters around the greater Newry area.

This follows allegations from the SDLP after Karen McKevitt’s posters were made to make her look like the famous Cabbage Patch Doll ‘Big Sally’.

Newry folks were met this morning with Murphy’s posters that depicted him as ‘Stan’ from American comedy series American Dad.

Again people were unsure as to whether they were tampered with or not due to the uncanny likeness of ‘Stan’ and the Camlough politician.

Sinn Fein have since removed the offending posters and refused to comment however Karen McKevitt did speak to Newry Spud saying:

“LOL, yeooo.”