Mystery Illness Hits Parent’s Dropping Their Children Off At GAA Clubs

It has been reported today, a lot of GAA parents suffer from car sickness. They are so stricken with the ailment that they are only able to drop their kids off at their local GAA clubs before taking off in a cloud of dust to prevent them from feeling the effects of the sickness.

Symptoms of the sickness include complaining about everything at the club while never attending their kids’ matches or fundraising events and calling hard working members of the club ‘useless arseholes’ while sitting with their feet up in the house having a cup of tea.

One parent who suffers from the sickness told Newry Spud:

“It’s a terrible illness, but on the upside, when I drop my 4 kids off at the club I need to get away from the club very, very quickly to go home and relax, while it is a sickness it is also the cheapest form of childcare in the world, it’s great baah.”

We tried to speak to a club worker but they were too busy creating drills for training, washing the club jerseys and selling lotto tickets to keep their club’s head above water.