Wed. Jan 27th, 2021

News is just filtering through that a Newry woman visiting Snaubs tried one outfit on, bought it, and left we can reveal.

The before unheard of event was said to have occurred today around 12pm and had some staff members and customers stunned and shocked.

The shopper Sonia Murphy was in to get a nice outfit for an upcoming wedding, one that obviously matched her partners tie.

Sonia told Newry Spud:

“To be honest I just couldn’t be arsed today so I just spotted a nice wee outfit that matches my man’s one and only fucking tie and I just grabbed it, tried it on and bought it. I know a lot of the other customers were judging me for being so decisive and quick in my purchase but I think I made the right call on this occasion.”

Snaubs spokeswoman Milena McArdle told us:

“I have never seen such an act before. Usually the girls in here try on absolutely every fucking last item on before buying the first one they tried on but that’s life. I’d like to congratulate Sonia on such a bold and brave move.”

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