Thu. Jan 28th, 2021

Q Radio have sensationally removed their DJ Kevin Allister and replaced his well-established show ‘Q Café’ with ‘Q Café with Lianne and Amanda’ the two coffee supremo’s of Newry.

The news has spread disbelief among McAllister’s fan base of housewives and GILF’s and Samaritans Newry has confirmed a rise in calls to them over the last 2 hours when the news has broken.

The new show will be a mixture of Lianne and Amanda’s favourite 90’s hip-hop music, dating advise for any broken hearted listeners and of course the latest gossip from eavesdropping to the people in the queue at Savages shop.

We spoke with Lianne McCooey who told us:

“Q Radio approached us after reading a few of our messages on the blackboard outside the shop. They realise I have an extensive 90’s hip-hop knowledge and burned CD’s and they know Amanda is one of the most respected relationship advisors in Ireland. Please tune in from next Monday on Q Radio 100.5 FM.”

Kevin McAllister was unavailable for comment.

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