Sat. Dec 5th, 2020

A shock leadership battle for control of Sinn Féin is to ensue in the forthcoming weeks and months with two local political heavyweights set to battle for the reins of the party we can EXCLUSIVELY reveal.

Barcroft’s Liz Kimmins and Camlough man Turlough Murphy have revealed they are to run for President and Vice President respectively.

However because of Kimmins’ past flirtations with the British Monarchy there could be difficult times ahead for the young Shinner.

We spoke with Murphy and Kimmins today and they told us:

“We aren’t letting leadership go to Dublin. We believe we have the support of the Newry & Armagh people and will be a formidable force within the upcoming election to replace Gerry Adams. Tiocfaidh Armagh.”

Meanwhile it’s been revealed Kimmins’ other half Prince Harry is ‘fully supportive’ of her run for leadership but Conor Murphy is going to bate the shite out of Turlough.

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