Sun. Nov 29th, 2020


There was jubilation in Newry today after Crossmaglen native Peadar MuckyBoots went 11 minutes without mentioning the fact that he’s from Crossmaglen.

The event happened when Peadar met a group of Newry friends for lunch in Bellini’s. One onlooker told us:

“Whenever Peadar meets us we have to endure the relentless shite about him being from ‘Cross’ and how it’s mad ‘Rulya Fein’ so when we met in Bellini’s for lunch we were all pretty much dreading it. But much to our surprise 11 minutes into lunch Peadar still didn’t mention he hailed from Crossmaglen.”

We spoke with Peader who told us:

“I’m not too sure what came over me to be honest. I sat down with the Newry lads and my mind just went vacant for around 11 minutes. But as soon as I gathered my thoughts I bombarded them with my old clichés and bullshit about me being from Crossmaglen the RA and The Rangers Fein.”

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