Sun. Feb 28th, 2021
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The Armagh GAA County Board is set to announce former FIFA President Sepp Blatter as its new Chairperson replacing Paul McArdle, after the Swiss administrator expressed interest in the position.

Armagh GAA Secretary Pól Ó Dougáin said the move was in line with previous assurances that the search for a new Chairperson would be thorough and diligent, “we’ve been thinking about this for most of the morning,” he confirmed.

Ó Dougáin said Blatter had a mix of experience and expertise that the troubled county could benefit from. “In our initial conversations Sepp says he has a plan to get our County onto the Championship map this year. Actually he was very, very confident about that”.

It is unclear how much Armagh GAA will pay the decorated administrator, but Ó Dougáin said he would fly to Zurich later this week to begin negotiations.

“Sepp told me to bring an extra suitcase, which is a little strange. I guess he’s assuming I’ll be doing some shopping over there!”

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