Thu. Jan 28th, 2021

A Newry Councillor has been hired by internationally renowned hair shampoo product ‘Wash & Go’ we can reveal today.

SDLP’s Michael Savage was asked to be the new public face of the famous shampoo product and insisted it will not conflict with his work as a Councillor.

Mr Savage told us:

“I was stunned to get the call from the manufacturing giant Procter & Gamble with a proposition to front a new campaign for ‘Wash & Go’ shampoo. Usually when I need to wash my hair I don’t really need shampoo I use Mr Sheen polish.”

However a Procter & Gamble spokesperson told us:

“We want to use Councillor Savage as a literal warning to customers that if you wash, it will go…literally of your fucking head.”

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