Wed. Nov 25th, 2020

Throughout the years we have had many battles such as the Mongol Conquests, Napoleonic Wars and The Hundred Years’ War; however the war of the Sandwich Boards presently brewing in Newry is sure to go down in history.

The battle is between The Supper Club from their base on Sugar Island and the ‘Queen of the Sandwich Board’ Lianne McCooey based on Monaghan Street.

We spoke with McCooey from her battle station this morning and she told us:

“I started the sandwich board banter and these Supper Club boyos think they can just stroll into my patch and try to banter? No! I will use all resources available to me to defeat them. Tiocfaidh Ar Latte.”

Meanwhile the PSNI have called for calm and have urged both sides to come to the table to talk about a possible ceasefire.

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