Sat. Nov 28th, 2020

After losing icons of music in the last few years such as Prince, Lemmy and Bowie to name but a few the world of music was rocked this morning when news came through that Daniel O’Donnell was found alive and well in his Donegal home last night.

The man who made a fortune from serenading horny granny and murdering Irish classics on a daily basis was said to be in good spirits and still in shock at his meteoric rise to musical stardom in and around the country music scene in Ireland.

Music lover Gavan Quigley told Newry Spud:

“Where is the justice in life? Bowie and Prince taken from us, two music geniuses who wrote the soundtrack to my debauched childhood cruelly snatched from us, but Daniel O’Donnell is still with us, Jesus Wept! Let’s be honest, he’s a serial plagiarist and one of the world’s worse singers. God, the humanity!”

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