Wed. Dec 2nd, 2020

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Rupert Murdoch has made an approach to Newry Spud in an attempt to buy the local News website we can sensationally reveal today.

Murdoch who owns the company News Corporation which controls most of the mainstream newspapers has made a sizeable bid for the Newry news company.

Murdoch spoke to Newry Spud today about his offer:

“I keep hearing about this Newry Spud website so naturally I had to get my fingers stuck in that pie. While I don’t know if they will accept the offer I really hope that they do.”

But Newry Spud CEO and general all-around legend said:

“No, we won’t be selling to Murdoch, I feel his offer of £2.9 million was far too low and besides, what would I do with my days when I can’t take the piss out of everyone and their granny.”

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