Ross Kemp Returns From Syria Unharmed – Gets Robbed Outside Sparcroft

TV hard man Ross Kemp was at the end of a robbery this week in Newry, just days after returning unharmed from a trip into ISIS controlled pockets of Syria for a Sky One documentary.

The 53 year old’s hazardous journey took him into the heart of an Islamic State stronghold, where he regularly came under fire in what he described as one of the “most terrifying” moments of his life.

Despite the huge risks faced in what’s considered to be “the most hostile place on earth for westerners”, Kemp returned yesterday unharmed, only to be mugged outside Sparcroft.

Speaking from home this afternoon, the ex-Eastenders man told Newry Spud’s Crime Correspondent Rob Banks:

“I was in territory being occupied by one of the most vicious terror groups in recent times. It’s virtual suicide, but I made it. Ten minutes in Newry and I’m at Ardmore PSNI Station giving a victim statement. The theif called me a bald bastard and stole my sausage roll”.

When quizzed on how a man can spend weeks in ISIS territory and survive unscathed, only to be mugged in Newry days later, a PSNI spokesman told Newry Spud:

“Ross has met radicalised Muslims with AK47s and a love for mindless death and destruction, but that’s nothing compared to a Newry hood willing to do anything for a sausage roll with brown sauce.”