Renters Complaining About Clogged Plumbing Get Told By Landlord To Go Screw Themselves


When renters Ciaran and Marie O’Hallion politely mentioned to their landlord that their sinks and toilets were all blocked up, the responses they got were not what they expected.

Their landlord’s first response was to ask if they’d ever heard of a plunger.

After saying they’d tried that and it actually had made things worse, their landlord, Mr. Declan House, told them to “go buy a screwdriver and screw themselves” if they wanted the problem fixed so badly.

Rather than moving out, the O’Hallion’s have decided to not pay rent until their problems have been fixed.

Until that happens, they’ve had a portable toilet placed in their living room.

If you are having a similar such problem, please contact Elaine Wiggings, Newry, Mourne and Down’s Council official to discuss your options.