Race Claim As Sunray Bakery Make ‘Golliwog’ Cake

The Sunray Bakery in Newry found themselves in hot water today after making a specialty cake for a client that some found to be ‘out dated’ and ‘racist’ it has been revealed.

The famous Newry bakery made a ‘Golliwog’ cake for a client thinking that it was in an innocent request however we have found out otherwise.

The cake was ordered by a Neo-Nazi who has moved to the Newry area last month and was made for a Hitler commemoration in the city.

A Sunray Bakery spokesman told Newry Spud:

“We’re in shock at the moment. Perhaps it was a moment of naivety from us but we didn’t think one of Europe’s top Neo-Nazi’s was going to order such a cake in such circumstances in of all places, Newry.”