PSNI Cop Blows Cover By Asking Newry Youths If They Are On “MSN”


Newry teenagers were left in a state of confusion yesterday, after a seemingly ‘cool’ older man asked them if they were active users of the MSN Messenger Servicein Dunnes car park.

Ciaran Collins, 16, says the group became suspicious of the man after he made reference to the discontinued instant messenger service, which was re-branded as Windows Messenger in 2005.

“My mum used to use MSN… I seriously didn’t think that shit was still around?”

The group, which consisted of three-to-four recreational marijuana smokers, were approached by the 42-year-old while they were hanging around Dunnes. They say the man initially asked them where he could find some ‘good blow’ and if they were ‘on MSN’

That is when they realised he was an undercover cop.

Since the arrival of social media, instant messaging software has died down to a small community of outdated Blackberry users, and apparently 42-year-old undercover police officers who have no idea how to infiltrate the technologically advanced Generation.

“I thought he might have been an undercover cop when I saw what he was wearing,” says the street-savvy Mr Collins.

“He was wearing a studded belt with Reebok Pump shoes. Not to mention his wallet chain… He had a Sony Discman visibly sitting in the trouser pockets of his trousers. A fucking discman!”

“I thought, either this bloke has a mild form of autism, or he’s an undercover cop.”