Fri. Jan 22nd, 2021

The Vatican have said that Pope Francis will be visiting Shandon Park in Newry as part of his ‘outreach’ programme we can reveal.

The Pope is very keen to visit Newry and said he will come to Shandon Park because of the high level of Polish Catholics that now call the traditionally Unionist stronghold their home.

As part of the visit he will rename the housing estate from Shandon Park to ‘The Little Vatican’ in a ceremony that will see hundreds of thousands attending the open air mass.

A Vatican spokesman told Newry Spud:

“We look forward to visiting Shandon Park to pastor to the massive Catholic population now living there. The Pope is very keen on saying the open air mass in the estate and renaming it The Little Vatican. We would call on all of the community to come to the mass and celebrate this most joyous of occasions.”

However there remain tensions in the area as Newry Spud spoke to one Shandon Park resident Eddie Blue-Nose and he asked us:

“The Pope? Who are they, a new boy band or something?”

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