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A user of the phenomenally popular mobile phone game ‘Pokémon GO’ has slammed its creators this week, after one of her missions caused her to walk aimlessly into Hilltown.

The game, which has taken the globe by storm, requires players to walk around in the real world to move their avatar in the game. Nintendo, who own the rights to the augmented reality app, received the complaint from ‘traumatised’ Meave Quinn this morning.

“Apparently she was so transfixed by the game she didn’t realise that she’d wandered into a pretty unsavoury part of the country, Hilltown”, said a Nintendo spokesman. “By the time she discovered her Pokémon she found herself in the middle of a Post Office robbery. We’re really sorry about this”.

He continued: “It’s terribly unfortunate that this user was forced to go to a place like Hilltown. By the time she arrived, her Pokémon already had a council house application being processed and a mild drug addiction. That’s not what we set out to achieve”.

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