‘Pokémon Go’ Banned In The Newry Area


The newest craze to hit the smartphone generation Nintendo’s ‘Pokémon Go’ has been outlawed and banned in the Newry area.

The game that uses Google Maps to launch the user into a virtual reality world in order to find and collect virtual items in your locality has caused several unfortunate accidents and mishaps.

A Newry, Mourne & Down District Council spokesperson told Newry Spud:

“We have banned the downloading and playing of Pokémon Go after 2 individuals mistakenly walked into Newry Canal while looking for rewards, thankfully they were saved and are okay but that’s not the worse incident. This game is responsible for several people walking in to the Armagh-Down pub, it was at this point we had to take action and ban the game. Enough is enough.”

Anyone that is caught downloading or playing or sharing anything on Facebook about Pokémon Go will be subject to arrest and prosecution.