Sun. Jan 24th, 2021

From 30th September local businesses will no longer able to accept Bank of Ireland, Danske Bank & Ulster Bank paper £5 or £10 notes as they are being withdrawn from circulation.

However the south Armagh RA has assured locals that from Bessbrook to Crossmaglen you can still spend Ulster Bank paper notes that were ‘liberated’ from the bank in December 2004.

A South Louth & Armagh Bank or (SLAB) offical told us:

“We understand that the economy within the south Armagh district is an economic giant on its own. Whilst paper notes from Bank of Ireland, Danske Bank & Ulster Bank are no longer accepted we want to assure the locals that the pre 2004 Northern Bank paper notes are still legal tender in south Armagh. Until another robbery, sorry I mean until we introduce other notes.”

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