Tue. Jan 26th, 2021

A Bessbrook man who usually is a very quiet and passive individual is now considered a deadly predator after being seen wearing a UFC T-Shirt.

Simon Fleming who is considered a ‘nice guy’ is now a feared individual. Mr Fleming says it all happened when he wore a UFC mixed martial arts T-Shirt.

He told Newry Spud:

“I put on my UFC T-Shirt when out walking the dog yesterday. People just started to run away from me and avoided all eye contact and social interaction.

It wasn’t until one brave man told me that he was so scared of me because of my UFC T-Shirt. I love this new found power; people are petrified of me basically just because I wear a T-Shirt. It really is class Baah.”

But others have told a different story.

Fellow Bessbrook resident David Edgar who didn’t want to be named because of fears of reprisals from Fleming said:

“Basically this lad thinks he’s hard as he once had a cage fight in Newry Sports centre against a blind midget and won. He wears UFC clothes that are supposed to be for elite martial artists and not for big women like Simon. I’m not scared of him, but don’t put my name up ok?”

Mr Fleming was unavailable for comment due to watching his favourite TV show, ‘Little house on the Prairie.’

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