Tue. Dec 1st, 2020


There was widespread confusion this week in the small village of Camlough after it was discovered that anyone buying a carton of orange from Jim Hughes’s Centra shop was getting high as a kite.

The news comes after a Birmingham criminal gang who were caught with 167kg of marijuana last year and charged yesterday to 2 years in prison for transporting the illegal plant in boxes of orange juice and storing it in a rented retail unit in Camlough.

We spoke with Camlough spokesman on all things Pat McGinn who told us:

“It was awful in the village for over a year. Anyone who bought a carton of orange in Jim Hughes’s Centra and consumed it was subsequently seen walking around like a zombie.

Now that this criminal gang are locked up we finally understand how the orange juice got contaminated with marijuana and left them like the walking dead. I wish I knew about it then I would have drunk a few cartons myself.”

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