Nokia 3310 Lost In Newry Canal In 2001, Found -Still Works

A Nokia 3310 that had been dropped into Newry Canal over 17 years ago has been retrieved from the dirty water and amazingly still works.

It was a by-chance discovery – which is sending waves around the world.

Uncovered by a local fisherman, the phone is expected to fetch over £4,000 when it goes under the hammer next week at Sotheby’s Auction House in London.

One local resident said that he was aware that a phone was “lost” when a drunken man fell and dropped it in the canal in 2001 – but he wasn’t sure if it was a Nokia or Motorola.

Officials from Nokia are working hard to verify the discovery after similar hoaxes have surfaced in the past.

“Should this turn out to be a legitimate discovery, it would be ground-breaking,” said a Nokia spokesman.

The original owner of the phone has been contacted by the telecommunications giant and was “delighted” to be reunited with his old phone.

However, despite there being “absolutely nothing wrong” with his old Nokia, he says he’d rather keep on using his current iPhone.

“It’s nice to have the old boy back. But it’s 2019. The only use that phone has is a paperweight or door stopper,” he said.